Enjoy amazing free flexible features with our clinic management system to organize, manage your clinic daily duties.

Secured Cloud / Access Anywhere

No need to install any software on your devices, your data is securely saved on our HIPAA-Compliant servers saving you a lot of money and time in hosting fees.

Smart Dashboards & Analytics

Get real-time information on the latest updates and transactions in your clinic. Our reports are carefully created to help you make better decisions.

Patients Profiles & History

Reviewing the patient’s history and profile has never been easier, Make informed decisions about your patients' care with access to their health records and past visits to your clinic in a convenient, unified and easy to navigate screen.

Visits & Surgeries Full Control

Record patient’s visits, findings, appointments, medications and notes on the patient file, Send SMS to patients with information about their surgeries to increase efficiency.

Appointments Handling

Increase patient show-up rate, save money and simplify workload with custom SMS reminders. We help you keep track off your busy schedule and manage your time.

Medical Prescription

Prescribe medications safely while tracking patient history Add medication, dosage details, specific instructions about the treatment to generate a prescription.

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