Last Updated 9/07/2020

We at Medical Cloud Systems are taking the impact of COVID-19 seriously. We take it as our responsibility to lend a helping hand with the community in these tough times, and in accordance with the actions and procedures taken by our government to fight the epidemic, we decided to provide our services for free for an unlimited time.

As more measures are taken worldwide and social distances rules being advised we’ve moved quickly to implement some software updates and added modules to ensure the safety of all employees, doctors and patients. We will continue adding more tools in the upcoming month which will be reflected on our website.

Coming Soon Conduct Patient Video Consultation Online

Our engineers are working hard to bring this feature to you, we’ve been working on it for quite some time and now with COVID-19 it makes more sense to add in our future updates, rest assured that if you subscribe with us now, no additional fees will be added once the feature goes live.

This feature will enable you to conduct a one-on-one video call with your patients through the system, any necessary documents and tests can be uploaded directly by the patient during the call.

Stay Informed on the latest government updates regarding the Coronavirus

We encourage you to check the ministry of health website for the latest updates regarding preventions, statistics and treatment information. As of the date of writing the report there have been 1164 confirmed cases in Jordan. We also advice that you install the application “Aman” and inform patients about its importance.

Keeping Our Employees Safe

As of March 2nd, we instituted a work-from-home policy and closed our physical office locations and we continue to implement it till now. This is meant to ensure the safety of our employees while continuing to perform at 100% operational capacity.